About Us

The Association of Qualified Graphologists was founded in 1995 by Ness Shirley and Professor Alice Coleman. Ness Shirley, a Master Graphoanalyst, founded PACE Assessments Ltd to provide graphological assistance for recruitment in Britain, Europe, Canada and the USA. Professor Coleman, well known for her work on geography at London University, has had an interest in handwriting issues throughout her life. With Ness Shirley she developed the PACE graphology distance learning course.

What are the features of the Association of Qualified Graphologists?

Features in common with other graphological societies:

  • It promotes knowledge of graphology among members through journals and meetings.
  • It works to bring a better understanding of graphology’s value to the general public.
  • It works to improve the ways its members serve their clients.
  • It has an ethical code.

Distinctive features:

  • The AQG is open minded about all schools of graphology. The AQG knows that we can all learn from each other and seeks “unity in diversity”. There is no attempt to develop a single methodology – different methods support similar interpretations – so the AQG does not seek to impose an integrated approach; its aim is to expose its members to diversity, leaving them free to adopt what they find useful and leave aside what does not work for them.
  • There are no student members, so there is no need to dilute continuing professional development with the more elementary aspects of the subject.
  • The AQG name assures clients that the graphologists they employ are properly qualified and membership of the association (designated by MAQG) guarantees a high standard.

Who runs the Association?

The President is Adrien Stringer.

Committee members are: